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Buddhist circuit : The Buddhist Circuits are the Places of all the Holy Sites of Buddhism; where Lord Buddha was born, attained Enlightenment, preached first Sermon and reached Nirvana. There are numerous other sites where the Buddha and the saints that followed traveled during his life after his transformation, which are held in deep veneration. Visitors can travel through this Buddhist Circuit today, to savor the splendid beauty and great appeal of Buddhism.

Normally its take 8-10 days to cover all the important buddhists sites in India i.e, Sarnath, Bodhgay, Rajgir, Nalnda, Vaishali,Kushinagar and Shravasti. In Nepal the Birthplace of Buddha i.e, Lumbini. one can contact me for customized tour to cover the Buddhist circuit tour.

This Guided spiritual tour that helps you to explore and understand the Buddha and Buddhism. An illustrated exploration of information ranging from ancient legends from the Buddha's life to practical information on the sacred sites. It will take you to the extreme places of Buddhist India where Buddhism originated more than 2500 years ago. This will provides an opportunities for spiritual growth and personal transform, action by visiting some of the most important scared sites. It's aimed at opening your minds to a whole new world away from the concrete jungles of urban life to Blissfulness…

In this tour you will discover yourself rather then place you will visit. This tour will enlighten you the real essence of one of the world's ancient and very profound religion i. e, Buddhism by visiting the holiest place and important Buddhist sites were Buddha in his lifetime visited that place.

Below one can understand the itinerary of Buddhist circuit which can be covered in 8-10 days including Varanasi. It can be customiszed on request.

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